Learn Quran Hifz


Learn Quran online from muslim countries.
We do not provide religious courses.

One-to-one Quran classes


30-minute one-to-one with a teacher via teleconference tools.

Tajweed course


Your child memorizes the Quran with the pedagogy of memorization through listening and repetition. 

Pedagogical follow-up


We listen to you and act as a link between you and the teacher throughout your child’s learning period.

Learn Quran online from muslim countries

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Houfaz is the freedom to study abroad from home

We are a human-scale institute that opened in 2014 with the aim of promoting the memorization (hifz) of the Quran to children in Western countries.
Our desire is to make the quality of Quran courses from Muslim countries accessible to children living in the West and with the enthusiasm of young people for new technologies, it was natural to offer online Quran courses via the internet network. Our vision “Study abroad from home” became a reality.

For the past 8 years, we have been accompanying parents in the memorization of the Quran for their children.


Without commitment

No commitment. Your child is enrolled for 1 month of lessons, renewable or not.
You have the possibility to change the frequency of the lessons at each renewal of session.

New! for 4-5 year olds

We offer 20-minute classes for children aged 4-5 years or with concentration difficulties. By participating in 20-minute sessions, the young child benefits from a lighter class and is introduced to learning the Qur’an.

Sessions are easily accommodated in your child's schedule

Sessions are easily accommodated in your child’s schedule. We offer a variety of learning styles for learning the Qur’an.

Respect your children’s learning pace

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One-to-one Quran courses

Houfaz understands that each child is unique and needs individual attention, which is why we only provide one-to-one classes. We use teleconferencing tools so that your child can connect live with their teacher.

Do you have to be able to speak Arabic?

No, neither you nor your child need to know Arabic. Our pedagogy being that of memorization (hifz) by listening and repetition, your child does not need to know the Arabic language. Moreover, Houfaz, through his pedagogical follow-up, is at your disposal and acts as a link between the teacher and you during the whole learning period of your child.