How it works

If you want to understand how the online Quran memorization courses at HOUFAZ work, then you have come to the right place. We explain:

How to register?


Choose the number of course sessions

Courses are charged according to the number of sessions in the month, see pricing. The course session starts at the beginning of each month and ends at the end of the month.  Pricing

You choose the number of sessions per week:

2 sessions per week for 1 month
3 sessions per week for 1 month
4 sessions per week for 1 month
5 sessions per week for 1 month
6 sessions per week for 1 month


Fill in the pre-registration form

Fill in the pre-registration form. Your pre-registration does not constitute registration. It is the payment that validates the registration of your child.


We process your request

We receive your pre-registration request; we answer you within 24/48 hours. This is the time for us to propose a course schedule according to your availability.



Our service is free of commitment; we send you a secure digital invoice for payment of the course session. Your payment validates the registration.



Your child starts his or her course at the beginning of the month on the agreed date.

The material?

  • The course can be done either on a PC, tablet or phone
  • An internet connection
  • Have a GMAIL email account (if you do not have one, create one). We need your GMAIL email for the conferencing tool.

How does a course work?

At the time of the class session, your child logs into the virtual classroom to join his/her teacher; the child begins his/her class session. The teacher spends the first half of the class reviewing past verses/suras. The second half of the session is devoted to memorising new verses/suras.

How to renew?

Our course sessions are without commitment. Houfaz sends you a secure digital invoice from the 25th of the month. To renew the course session, payment must be made before the 31st of the month. Otherwise, the session ends and the course schedule can no longer be booked.