The HOUFAZ Institute offers you its competent Quran teachers. We recruit them on several criteria of choice so that your child is in the best conditions to succeed in his project of memorization of the Quran. Our teachers are all experienced in teaching the Quran. See how the courses work.

Your child memorizes the Qur’an; we do not teach religion or explain the Qur’an!

Your child studies with a teacher from a Muslim country for quality learning. We give your child the opportunity to be at the same level as other children learning in Muslim countries.


Our Quran teachers teach from Muslim countries around the world via teleconference tools.


Your child memorises the Qur’an by imitating the teacher’s reading so that he learns the correct reading with the rules of tajweed.

Do you have to be able to speak Arabic?

No, neither you nor your child need to know Arabic. Our pedagogy being that of memorization by listening and repetition Moreover, Houfaz, through his pedagogical follow-up, is at your disposal and acts as a link between the teacher and you during the whole learning period of your child.